Brent McFarlane,
Canada’s National Hurdle Coach
“The Power Suit™ is an excellent tool to assist speed and strength gains in the lower body. I find it to be one of the best training tools ever!”

Peter Ward,
Managing Squash Pro, Curzons Skydome Club
“The Power Suit™ has become a vital part of my training. Since I’ve been using it, my weight has dropped nearly 10 pounds, but the strength in my legs has increased tremendously. WTP will help me get into tournament shape so I can start competing again next year.”

Andrew Roberts,
Men’s Track & Field Coach, Syracuse University
“My team has never been stronger! The Power Suit™ is definitely an effective power builder.

Dr. Tudor Bompa, Ph.D.,
Exercise and Planning Specialist
“Successful training means reaching your true capacity. By becoming one with your body, WPT helps to take fitness ability to the max.”

Tim S. Grover,
Personal Trainer to the Pros (NBA All-Star Michael Jordan,
NFL Pro All-Star Simeon Rice, MLB All-Star Alex Rodriquez)
“The Power Suit™ is without a doubt one of the best training and conditioning products on the market today. Incorporating The Power Suit™ into your training regimen will enhance both your strength and speed results. The combination of its design and its moisture wicking fabric, Stomatex®, encourages superior gains for athletes at all levels. I recommend The Power Suit™ to all of my NBA clients.”

Danny Barrett,
CFL Quarterback, Calgary Stampeders and BC Lions
“The Power Suit™ is a comfortable and versatile training tool. It has become a regular part of my training mix.”